ALL-TIMATE’s Comfort Series Windows Bring Outstanding Energy Efficiency and Style to Homes in the Chattanooga, TN, Area

No matter where you live, investing in energy-efficient replacement windows for your home is a good idea. These windows can help you control thermal transfer from your home and keep the indoor temperature more consistent, which also means you should save some money on your monthly heating and cooling costs. Not all energy-efficient windows are designed to perform best in the greater Cleveland and Chattanooga, Tennessee, areas—but ALL-TIMATE ROOFING’s Comfort Series line of windows is. And local homeowners can turn to us to have them installed promptly and professionally.

The ALL-TIMATE Comfort Series Vinyl Windows

With Comfort Series windows installed on your home, you’ll get unparalleled performance and looks. Here’s what sets them apart from the rest of the field:

Top-Quality Insulation

We’re proud to install our exclusive Comfort Series windows with IntelliGlass X and X3 glazing packages, which meet ENERGY STAR® standards for energy efficiency in our local climate. Whether you opt for the dual-pane IntelliGlass X or the triple-pane IntelliGlass X3, these windows’ low-emissivity (Low-E) glass and argon gas fills between panes will help keep warm air exactly where you want it to be at any time of year. In other words, warm air stays outside your home during the summer and inside your home during the winter. This heat transfer control is further aided by these windows’ foam-filled frames, IdeaSeal™ weather seals, and multi-chambered vinyl construction.

You can also rest assured knowing your ALL-TIMATE Comfort Series windows are protected by the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty covering accidental glass breakage.

Superior Screens

Our Comfort Series windows come standard with BetterVue™ half-screens, which offer great visibility while still protecting the inside of your home from insects and other pesky pests. You do have the option to upgrade to full screens or heavy-duty half screens and to use aluminum screen mesh or BetterVue™ FlexScreen material.

Hard-Wearing Hardware

Comfort Series windows use several hardware features to keep your windows secure in all kinds of situations, from break-ins to adverse weather effects. These include:

  • BioMaxx composite locks and keepers, which are considerably stronger than typical die-cast hardware and come in a variety of striking colors that are matched to your windows. What’s more, this hardware is also resistant to warping, chipping, or fading over time. These can also be upgraded to the Sentry System, an integrated system that combines the lock and tilt functions.
  • Dual Function partitioned sloped sills, which are designed to keep your sashes in place and redirect water away from your home
  • Ashland G3 pivot true balance systems, which ensure you can operate your sashes effortlessly
  • Four-Point fusion welding for structural integrity

Eye-Catching Views

Even though certain colors are only available for certain products, you will have the ability to choose from a solid selection for your ALL-TIMATE Comfort Series windows. You can also opt for textures that mimic the natural beauty of wood without its stringent maintenance requirements. In fact, these windows need very little maintenance to keep their good looks for years to come.

These windows are also available in several popular styles, such as double-hung, slider, and picture, as well as specialty shapes. You can also customize your view with multiple grid pattern and profile options.

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