Roofing 101: Understanding Roof Pitch and Its Importance

Nov 14, 2023

Roofing 101: Understanding Roof Pitch and Its Importance

There are several important elements of your roof, each of which is important to understand to ensure your roof is functioning optimally. One such component that you may not often think of is roof pitch. But, what exactly is roof pitch and why is it important for the health and safety of your roof? The experts at ALL-TIMATE ROOFING are here to provide you with a closer look.

What is Roof Pitch?

As one of the most visible aspects of a roofing system, roof pitch is the measure of your roof’s slope. In other words, it measures how steep your roof is. Your roof pitch is typically measured in inches and can be expressed as the ratio rise over run, where rise is the roof’s vertical rise and run is its horizontal span. In the roof pitch ratio, the run’s horizontal area is typically measured as a standard 12 inches, or one foot of roofing. The rise number tells you how many inches the roof rises for every 12 inches of roof. So, for example, a roof pitch of 8:12 means that for every 12 inches of roof horizontally, the roof rises 8 inches.  Roofs with a higher rise have a steeper pitch.

Why is Roof Pitch Important?

Roof pitch is important because it impacts the roof’s overall durability. To ensure that a roof will withstand the elements, it’s critical that a roof’s pitch isn’t too low. In the case of a low pitch, debris and water will stay on top of a roof much longer, wearing it down and potentially risking failure in the event of severe weather conditions. A steeper roof is less likely to allow debris to build up on top, preventing moisture growth against the shingles and helping to reduce the chance of algae growth on the roof.

On the other hand, if a roof pitch is too high, the wind will experience more wind shear, which can put the roof at a greater risk of damage. For this reason, it’s important that a roof pitch not be too high or too low.

Need a Roofer?

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