The Pros & Cons of Flat vs. Pitched Roofing

Nov 14, 2022

A contractor working on a roof.Are you considering replacing the roof over your home or commercial application? If so, you may be wondering whether flat roofing or pitched roofing would be the best option. Each type of roofing comes with its own benefits. The right decision comes down to which type of roof will best suit your needs.

Flat Roofing Pros & Cons

Flat roofing offers reliable overhangs that offer protection for your home or business’ exterior including your siding, windows, doors, and decking. These overhangs are also preferred over pitched roofing because they don’t block natural light from entering your home or business. Flat roofs are also known for being extremely energy efficient and for providing a more cohesive attic or top floor rather than an awkward triangular shape. Lastly, flat roofing offers a modern curb appeal for your home or business.

However, flat roofing does come with a few disadvantages. These roofs are designed with membranes, so they can be more expensive and are at a higher risk of leaking. It can also be more difficult to find the exact location of any leaks. Additionally, flat roofs typically require more maintenance and can have a shorter lifespan than pitched roofing.

Pitched Roofing Pros & Cons

When it comes to style, pitched roofing is a classic look for homes and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for commercial businesses. Pitched roofing is less likely to leak when compared to flat roofing’s membrane systems, and if you do have a problem with your pitched roof, you can rest assured that it is easier to locate any leaks and cheaper to replace shingles. These cost-effective roofs also offer a longer lifespan than flat roofing.

There are some cons to choosing a pitched roof for your home or business. Depending on how many slopes your pitched roof has, it may require quite a bit of maintenance. Also, the overhangs from pitched roofs often block natural light from entering your home or building. Additionally, pitched roofing is very traditional and may hinder any chance of a modernized aesthetic for your home or commercial business.

Which Roof Type is Best for Your Home or Business?

After you have reviewed the pros and cons of flat roofing and pitched roofing, you can start to narrow down which roofing type might suit your home or business. Consider the price, benefits, disadvantages, and styles of each. You can also discuss your options with your expert roofing contractor.

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